Bathroom Remodeling Services

remodeling services

Plumbing and Bath Plus, located in Chantilly, Virginia, has everything you are looking for in a new bathroom design. We can provide you with a whole new layout offering a vibe that fits your personality, or we can freshen up your current style.

Our bathroom remodeling services are performed in a timely and efficient manner with full customer satisfaction. We offer many options in building a new bathroom and with templates to generate creative ideas, professionals to explain the process, and many materials and styles to choose from. Our products are durable and long lasting and will not only make you happy for the moment but will make you happy for a lifetime. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your new bathroom remodeling!

Bath Remodeling Services Include (but not limited to):
Bathtubs adding/relocating/replacing/eliminating. Bathtub to shower conversion and vice versa.(Make a clean switch. When rarely use your tub, convert it into an extra-large shower that is easier to access, looks great, and lasts a lifetime).

  • Bathroom expanding/ adding/relocating/replacing/eliminating.
  • Bidets adding/relocating/replacing/eliminating.
  • Drywall repair, installation and finishing.
  • Exhaust fan/heat/light, adding/relocating/replacing/eliminating.
  • Faucets adding/relocating/replacing/eliminating.
  • Glass enclosures fabricating and installations.
  • Grab-Bars adding/relocating/replacing/eliminating.
  • Hardware installations and replacement.
  • Hand-held shower adding and replacing.
  • Mirrors replacement and installations.
  • Painting.
  • Recessed storage columns installations.
  • Showers adding/relocating/replacing/eliminating. Shower to bathtubs conversion and vice versa.
  • Stop valves replacement.
  • Subfloor reinforcing, leveling, replacing, adding.
  • Tile removal and installation.
  • Toilets adding/relocating/replacing/eliminating.
  • Tub/shower doors installations.
  • Whirlpools installations.

If this is a lot to embrace, call our store and we’ll help you work out a design for your bathroom!

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